Products and Features
Choose from two products - an embeddable map and a pop-up widget - to deliver the best search experience for your users. Our product will display as a natural extension of your site so your user can extract maximum value.
Customizable design
Take control of the color scheme and fonts to match with your website brand design. Built to appear like natural extensions of your website.
User-centric functionality
Are users moving to a specific location? Our products can detect landmarks (like hospitals and workplaces) mentioned on your page, pinning it on the map and offering a location-based search. We also added a “save for later” button so users can be reminded of our product whenever they need it. Not to mention integration options into any interface your users visit - from job boards, info pages, onboarding portals, and more.
Easiest integration
Worried about burdening your dev team? Our simple one-line integration takes no more than a few minutes. The single line of iframe code can be inserted anywhere with no extra hassle. Try it yourself!