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Life is crazy. We get that. One day you are staying in Oakland, CA, commuting everday to SF, and in 4 months, you end up having to move to Austin, TX, for your job. You decide to take a gap semester off and spend the spring in New York. You just wanna get out of your comfort zone, so you decide to live in Denver, CO for a month or two.

Finding the ideal place to stay for these mid-term rentals is not exactly easy. The internet has plenty of these types of stays, but they are so hidden and difficult to find that you might spend hours trying to find the best deal. Explorastay cuts out that search process, and brings you the best mid-term rentals for you anywhere in the U.S. We aggregate thousands of listings, compare the best deals, and cater the search to your preferences, all without collecting your personal information.

With the recent events going on in the world, our lives are only going to get crazier. Let Explorastay help put some order into it!

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Explorastay is the largest search engine for monthly furnished rentals, comparing over 700,000 listings from over 25 housing sites. Gone are the days of committing to long-term leases; we help renters live on flexible terms.

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